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Wuxia Novels

Welcome to my Wuxia Novels!

10/14 Wuxia Novels will join some partner sites...I'll update you on that later!
8/16 I added some novels and corrected some mistakes. Sorry for the delay!
4/24 I updated the Gallery and added more links...hope your a Xiao Ao Jiang Hu fan! Please contact me for Gallery suggestions!!!
4/23 I just sat up a Gallery...decided that this site will be more than just Wuxia Novels! Anyway, check it out!
4/22 I have added some great links Links sites...check them out! You can view clips, galleries, adaptaion info, etc... If you want to have your website added then please E-mail me!
4/10 I have added some novels to the Liang Yusheng and Gu Long section. More to come soon.
4/9 Grand Opening! I have all the sections set up but so far, only Jin Yong and Translations section are complete, so feel free to look around there! I need suggestions on books I should add to my website...please or sign my Guest Form if you have suggestions.

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